Debbie’s training and experience specializes in physical and stylized performance forms: mime, mask, puppetry, mascot body puppets, melodrama, clown, commedia dell’arte performing mostly in her own  work with Grand Guignolers. She has clowned with Cirque du Soleil for events, played Happy, Chip, and Mr. Smee in the Disneyland Character Department and recently as Snaggletooth in the Star Wars Cantina for the 2011 Superbowl Volkswagon commercial (with Darth Vader!).  She played the first Storyteller in Mystery Lodge at Knott’s Berry Farm.  Debbie has also performed in numerous stage productions, a touring children’s theatre company, and was a member of both The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble and The Actors’ Gang.

SAG-AFTRA, AEA. She is represented commercially by Coast to Coast Talent, Los Angeles.  323-845-3200.

Absinthe Opium and Magic: 1920s Shanghai , Grand Guignolers 2009

Absinthe Opium and Magic: 1920s Shanghai, Grand Guignolers 2009


“Occasionally one of them hits a bravura note, notably the startling, feral Debbie McMahon, who turns the savagery of her role to her uncanny advantage in the evening’s most mesmerizing performance.”  Daily Variety for The Session

“Debbie McMahon…shines with an immediate, almost improvisational skill.”  Noho LA

The smallest parts, all three of which are played to the hilt by Debbie McMahon, come off the strongest, sparkling reflecting McMahon’s training form the Dell’arte International School of Physical Theatre where she studied the medium. She knows best how to perform the material.”  Canyon Review for The Scheme of Things

“Rants and raves can be positively written …. As in … Debbie McMahon’s crazed buck toothed pencil writing Secretary.”  Theatreworld for The Scheme of Things.

“One of the most touching aspects of the evening is emcee Debbie McMahon, exhibiting vulnerability and charm as Betty Boop meets Edith Piaf.”  The LAist for An Evening of Grand Guignol

"The well-directed chaos that ensues had the audience howling and cheering – and provides a tour de force performance for the amazingly talented McMahon.”  WeHo News for Absinthe, Opium & Magic: 1920s Shanghai

“Gory special effects notwithstanding, the evening’s most artful elements are original creations drawing on the origins of Guignol as a medieval puppet character. McMahon performs the ballet of a life-size (i.e. “Grand”) marionette whose all-too-brief liberation from her strings is set to Saint-Saens’ “Dance Macabre’ and later mans a wickedly funny hand-puppet romance …”  LA Times for A Very Grand Guignol Christmas

"McMahon's talents (aside from creating this crazy show) shine here, playing the role of three characters that interact almost simultaneously.”  Malibu Times for Absinthe, Opium & Magic: 1920s Shanghai

"McMahon does a terrific job of adapting the genre to modern sensibilities while remaining true to the essential character of Grand Guignol. As a performer, she also leads the troupe in its marvelously outsized expressions and physical gestures.” Backstage West for Absinthe, Opium & Magic: 1920s Shanghai